Creating a 16 year old horse?

  • Hey there! So im attempting to create my horse's profile... but it only goes up to 2007.
    I do know you use the system 4 months = 1 year... So maybe that is the reason? Maybe you can help me out! Thanks!

    Again... I apologize for all the questions!

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  • PR Committee

    Most people use the 4 months = 1 year aging system (1 month = 1 year until 4 years), though I've seen some people use 3 months = 1 year. It all depends on what you want to do. An Equus "year" is four months, so that's why the date of birth only goes up to 2007. Because that would be a very old horse.

  • oh man I completely forgot about the 4mo=1yr system :'D I am so out of the sim loop, LOL. time to fix all my horses's ages now

  • If you want your horse to be 16, their birthdate (under the 1 Equus year = 4 irl months rule) would be 12/2012. Or nearly anything in the year 2012 :)

  • If anyone needs help figuring out ages, @elsie-spectre has made an age calculator available on her tutorial post.

  • @Alastair-Schrödinger oh my god thank you i was just trying to make one of those because my brain and age things like this make my brain spin LOL

  • elsie saves the day again!

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