Stall Kullaberg - Firenze, June 14th

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    Stall Kullaberg reaches as far back as to 1874 where the great grandfather of Iris Hammel started breeding Remount Horses due to the massive degradation of the horse breeding in Sweden. Stall Kullaberg was back then a highly respected stud service that bred top class Swedish Warmbloods for the army aswell as for private use. As other studs grew bigger, Stall Kullaberg grew smaller and smaller, until the stud eventually had to close and most of the warmbloods were sold. During the past centuries the center passed down to the family and remained a forgotten gemstone with a few warmbloods grazing the property. That was until Iris and her sisters decided to move the few horses they had from Stockholm to Stall Kullaberg and restore what the center evolved around; Swedish Warmbloods. Although breeding Swedish Warmbloods would not be top priority, competing and training them would.
    The name Kullaberg is Swedish and practically means "hilly mountain" and is the name of a mountain ridge and reserve formations located in the southwest of Sweden. Where the center is located the landscape is mostly flat and the fields endless and winter does not hit as hard here as in the north. There will only be a few horses boarded here at the same time so every horse recieves a spot in the sunlight from time to time.

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    The health and well-being of the horses at Stall Kullaberg is fundamental for the center's successes, so even though the stables may seem rough and old, the equipment and horse care are up to date modern. When we first started out we focused equally on both dressage, show jumping and eventing, but as of late the focus has shifted towards dressage. We will still compete in both show jumping and eventing, but dressage is really what this center strives to master.

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    Name Breed Gender Colour Discipline Titles
    Bloodbuzz Ohio Swedish Warmblood Stallion Liver chestnut sabino Dressage National
    Gesaffelstein Swedish Warmblood Stallion Black Eventing State
    Arcade Fire Swedish Warmblood Stallion Bay Eventing State
    Young Wolf Swedish Warmblood Stallion Grey (bay) Show Jumping State
    Kingsman's Sterling Archer Swedish Warmblood Stallion Dark bay Dressage State
    Berthez Swedish Warmblood Stallion Chestnut Dressage None


    Name Breed Gender Colour Discipline Titles
    M79 Swedish Warmblood Mare Dark bay Show jumping State
    Kingsman's Safira Swedish Warmblood Mare Bay Show jumping None
    Chinnamon Swedish Warmblood Mare Liver chestnut sabino Dressage None

  • Looking forward to seeing more, Iris, I always loved your stables and photos :heart_eyes:

  • Soooo LOVELY <3!

  • Looks great so far! :D Will be exciting to see what you have in your pocket, prepared and ready to show us in future ^^

  • I agree with Mandy, I can't wait to see your beautiful horses and pictures :)

  • @Mandy-McAvoy Ah, Mandy you have no idea how much it means to hear that from you <3

    @Nadia-Kilian Thank you so so so much <3

    @Christina-Lindblad Haha, I will try not to disappoint you! ;) <3

    @Annie-Emerson Thank you Annie, I can't get to get some pictures done! I'm waiting to see what you got in stock for us next aswell! <3

  • That tail on the dressage picture :heart_eyes_cat:
    Teach me please?

  • Oooh this looks amazing already Iris! And that dressage picture is gorgeous! Can't wait to see more :heart_eyes:

  • @Daria-Burtseva Oh I was just lucky and added some motional blur to the horrible end of the tail ;) <3

    @Jasmin-Mikaelson Thank you so much Jasmin, can't wait to get more edits out <3

  • I am looking forwards to seeing more from you! :D

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    Bloodbuzz Ohio x Avatar HF

    I'd like to officially introduce our most recent prodigy, Kullabergs Berthez (or more accurately "The boy on fire") out of our own stallion Bloodbuzz and Merida Dahmer's Avatar HF. He was an early autumnal gift with a lot of innocence - then later on mischief - in his eyes and during the winter he's grown up to a wonderful 3 year old. I feel very blessed to be given the opportunity of having a Hesterfield foal in our stables and want to thank Merida once more for making this possible.
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    I'm very happy to show you a new picture of Berthez all grown up, just before practice with Bloodbuzz' rider, Rebekah. We've already noticed that Berthez is much like his sire, aka batshit crazy when he's in the mood to toss some riders around, but also extremely commited to his rider when they're on equal terms and he's asked nicely. Therefore will Rebekah be educating him further until we feel he's mature enough to stop throwing cheeky tantrums. But oh well, he's too damn cute to be angry at.

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  • he is beautiful

  • He's so handsome and smart all clipped for some winter training. I remember when you first posted his foal picture and swooned even then. Best of luck to him :heart_eyes:

  • That look in his eyes on the foal picture: "I'm gonna throw all of you off when I get big!" haha
    Such a cutie!

  • What a beauty he is, Iris! And those sweet, sweet eyes in the foal pics, gah :heart_eyes:

  • Such a stunner! He´s beautiful :heart:

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    That's one hella adorable baby :heart_eyes_cat: And he has grown up as such a handsome boy :ok_hand:

  • @Nina-Ricchi Thank you Nina, I'm already very fond of him :)

    @Rosalie-Clarke Oh thank you Rosalie! He enjoyed a good trimming and I've really been waiting for him to grow into his body! <3

    @Lidija-Rotherford Haha, yeah he's dangerously smart this one... Already feeling sorry for his future rider haha ;)

    @Mandy-McAvoy Thank you soooo much Mandy, I sort of already miss him being a little cuddly bean <3

    @Robin-Clark Means a lot coming from you Robin, thank you <3

    @Jasmin-Mikaelson Iiiih thank you Jasmin <3 I can't wait for him to start showing!

  • Aww what a cute little fella he was/is <3 He looks so innocent as a baby and so regal as an adult <3 Best of luck with him in the future! :slight_smile:

  • The picture of the foal is.. AWRG... I love it!!! <3 Is so cute :3

  • PR Committee

    I remember when you posted his baby photo! He grew up so nicely! A very handsome stallion indeed. Good luck with him. He does seem to have a mischievous look in his eyes.

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