Stall Kullaberg - Firenze, June 14th

  • Oh my gorgeousness :heart_eyes: Yes, yes, we want more! :heart:

  • Yoooooo i'm out. Would u like to make a speededit some day? I'd love to see how u make ur pictures so stunnign! <3

  • @Ivan-Kanerva Ahhh, thank you! I have absolutely nooooo idea how one would make a speed-edit honestly, but I could be interested in trying it out. People would fall asleep with boredom though... haha


    – What do you mean by 'releasing' them?
    – After we ride them we let them go wild, to have fun. A horse should have fun, no?
    Iris was still a bit puzzled to what this horseman Lorenzo could mean by 'letting them go wild', until she heard it. The drums, the thunder, the rhythm. The rhythm of four hooves hitting the dry Chianti ground. Lorenzo led the way behind the stone stables, and there was the view over the Italian landscape, looking like a painting. A black horse was galloping at full speed across the open field.
    – This is Qualcuno, a Murgese stallion, he said. We usually let them go together, but he is a bit pazzo, so he plays alone.
    Qualcuno, Murgese, pazzo, were the three words that slowly passed through her mind and before she could even blink she was signing papers to have him transported back to Sweden with her.

    Hello again. Or should I say ciao a tutti? I've been away for a long time, I know. Last year I moved to Italy and it sort of changed my life a bit. I've experienced things I could only dream of, I've met so many interesting people, I've fallen in love with beautiful ragazzi and I've learned another language. I'm back now, but only briefly I believe, until I'm off to Italy again, for the long run this time.
    This is Qualcuno, and he's made after someone I once knew (ssssch @Ariadne-Waters)

  • We both know I am going to speak more about this to you directly so I shall keep this brief and address only the two points which most demand it:

    @Iris-Hammel said in Stall Kullaberg - Sono tornata, june 12th:

    he is a bit pazzo, so he plays alone.

    Qualcuno and I have that in common!! Both things. :sweat_smile:

    @Iris-Hammel said in Stall Kullaberg - Sono tornata, june 12th:

    This is Qualcuno, and he's made after someone I once knew (ssssch @Ariadne-Waters)

    I'm quite sure I don't know what you're talking about...

    alt text

  • That black horse on the very late winter picture is superb! :heart_eyes:

  • I need to know all about your adventures!!! You sound like you are living the sunsoaked terracotta olive oil cypress tree italian dream and I'm so thrilled for you, but also entirely too jealous for my own good. Where have you been? What have you seen!? Venice? Rome? Florence!? Pictures! I need them! I'll need your advice as a local to a potential tourist :sunglasses:

    but onto the picture;

    gorgeous as is always, you've reached this state of perfection that plebs such as me can only ever hope to aspire to :pray_tone1: Those gorgeous black tones in the horses coat and you already know how I feel about your horses lovely noses :heart_eyes: those sunfaded tones in the background and the slight mist makes it look so magical and dreamlike I just want to be there :star2:

  • Damn this horse is amazing and the edit, just wow!

  • Wow Qualcuno is gorgeous and i adore the editing!
    Btw i am italian, if you want to chat a bit feel free to PM me! :D (i came here for the italian title lmao)

  • Competition Committee

    Such a beautiful photo, story, just everything is gorgeous <3

    Also, I definitely agree with Eowyn, we need pictures!

  • Your editing is beautiful! I love that photo of your Murgese horse, it really shows how majestic the breed is <3

  • Your editing is amazing!

  • @Ariadne-Waters <3

    @Regina-Walker thank you eh!

    @Eowyn-Vance Maybe I'll post a little selection of pictures I took during my time there. I lived in Florence, where there was art wherever you looked, be it a marble sculpture in a street corner or just the magnificent shape of a strangers' nose.

    And oh stop it, I'm the one being inspired by you! By the softness and colours of your pictures, hey. I want to be there too, I miss it <3

    @Lauren-Goldtree Thank you so much for your sweet words! <3

    @Sophie-Oak Haha, mi fa felice finalmente avere una amica italiana qui! <3

    @Rena-Cort Ahhh, thank you thank you thank you! <3

    @Kira-Kita Thank you so much, Kira! Murgese power! <3

    @Sadie-Woodson Ah, thank you, it makes me happy to hear! <3

  • Iris!!!!! I miss you a ton. Please promise to pop in more often! :two_hearts:

    (Or don't. I wouldn't blame you. Especially when you have Italy and the spirit of adventure calling you!)

    I second what Eowyn said, about the gorgeous black tones and nose. Not to mention all of Qualcuno's regal, flowy hair—it's so SOFT. I want to touch it. You're far too talented, seriously. :sob: And can I mention the writing bit? It's lovely. It captures the foreignness and utter curiosity of it all. (Oh, and naming him Qualcuno is so mysterious and clever and fitting, all at once, I think. Again, you're far too talented. :sparkling_heart: )

    I wish you the best in Italy! You sound like you're having a grand time, and it makes me very, very happy to hear that. :kissing_closed_eyes: :sparkles:

  • @Alexa-la-Coupe Alexa, Alexa, Alexa... <3 Darling. Thank you SO much, seriously, this is the first time I've drawn hair like that and I was terrified of doing it the whole time, the utter relief of hearing I didn't do something wrong is... ah! You're spoiling me, seriously <3


    You wanted pictures – I give you lots of them! @Eowyn-Vance. This is Firenze to me; fancy cars, frutta, countless of cappuccini and caffè macchiati, photobooths, pasta and of course – gelato.

    Sorry for this not being Sims-related whatsoever

  • ah florence the city of my dreams. its so beautifully dated it looks like you were living in some movie from the 80s. I love the yellows, the oranges, the greens.. those warm, Mediterranean summery colours. Old historic cities with stories around every narrow street are my jam and yet the furthest I've been is Edinburgh, which while great in its own right and a home away from home for years is... awfully grim and grey. You'll have to keep me updated - I'd go stir crazy if it wasn't for people like you and ariadne sharing all your adventures with me :laughing: I hope you had an awesome time and I'm thrilled for you :star2: if your suitcase is heavier next time..well.. don't question it (just don't block my air holes ok)

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