[Ended] Fangorn EC - 4yo Hanoverian Mare

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    Fangorn EC presents it's first sale on Equus.
    For sale is a 2nd Gen Hanoverian mare from our high-quality Sport Horse Breeding Programme.


    Sale Rules:

    ❥ Horse may not be listed for mass download.

    ❥ Coat or conformation may not be used at templates for other horses. Conformation may be used as a base for offspring only.

    ❥ You must keep my prefix (which is currently FAN but will maybe change in the near future, I will inform you about this) and also the name of the horse. You are allowed to change her a barn name.

    ❥ The horse needs to be entered in at least in R-Shows. Scrapbook updates are not required, but I'm always happy when I see some. :)

    ❥ Shine markings, detail markings (such as eye detail and body shade) and mane/tail styles can be changed. It's allowed to let the horse grey out over the time, but in a realistic way (please send me pictures if you do this). Please don't edit anything on the conformation.

    ❥ If you create a page for the horse on your website I would like to be mentioned as the breeder.

    ❥ You are welcome to breed with the horse, but please keep it realistic.

    ❥ Put the name of your favorite non-sims videogame in your first bid so I know you read all my rules.

    ❥ If you want to sell the horse please contact me, I will eventually buy it back. Don't sell it without informing me.

    ❥ I reserve the right and authority to reclaim the horse if my rules are broken. If the horse is inactive for more than 4 months (1 ES Year) without notifying me, I can reclaim the horse without further warnings.


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    FAN Symphonia
    Breed: Hanoverian (2nd Gen)
    Gender: Mare
    DOB: 09/16 - 4 yo
    Color: Grey (Bay)
    Genotype: Ee/Aa/Gg
    Discipline(s): Show Jumping and Dressage

    Sire: GGB Schattenspiel
    Dam: Con Callidat

    You are allowed to change her disciplines to your personal preferences.
    She can also compete in only one discipline, it's completely up to you.
    She's already registered but have no points earned yet.


    Symphonia is a 4-year old very cool-headed mare which makes her the perfect partner for nearly everyone. Even a child can handle her easily.
    She is very well-behaved and curious and always open to new things. She would do anything for her rider.
    Symphonia has inherited her father's powerful movement and she is always brave and have fun over the jump, so it's up to you in which direction you may take her.

    She currently receives no bonus points but both parents compete actively in their disciplines, so she will receive bonus points in the future.
    You are allowed to change her discipline(s) to your personal preferences.
    Registration was sent.


    • This sale will end on January 17th at 11:59 PM CET. If she still receive bids on the 17th, the auction will turn into a 24-hour-ALB-auction •

    Starting bid: $6,000
    Minimum increase: $1,000
    No max increase. No autobuy.


  • $ 7000 Anzhelika Shabanova

  • Development Committee

    Please read the rules carefully before you bid. :relaxed:

  • SB - Assassin's Creed

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  • 7k
    As for now, Fallout 4, but it might change any moment now XD

  • 8000

    Sorry. I very bad understand English and did not understand the translation. My favorite game is the Witcher 3!

  • 9000
    (filler because the post has minimal amount of signs...)

  • Development Committee

    @Anzhelika-Shabanova No problem. :relaxed:

    @Nadia-Kilian Accepted! :)

    You all have a good taste in games btw. :sunglasses:

  • Development Committee

    FAN Symphonia is now officially registered.

  • Development Committee

    Congratulations Nadia Kilian for the purchase of FAN Symphonia. :)
    Please send me the money and I will send you her file as soon as I'm on my PC.

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