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  • Wooo Katie, you're back! Lots of things happening in your life, wow! Congrats on the upcoming wedding!

  • Thanks Lidija I'm really excited for the future and glad to be back on the forum!

    List of fundamental CC I need to get my game going again

    luna_patron brick moderno

    A89_stone terrain paint v7

    Banlleu _ orange slates (just in case)

    ceiling tiles_S3_05

    pimp - my -

    • simple wood grain

    PS deluxe stone 5

    design roof brown V

    Equus sims plastic feed scoop

    Adria bathroom tiles pattern by space sims

    PS real wood flooring 7

    ung999_pattern__wood 39(H)

    Asarina window 2 tile

    old - stones - E18111

    Ayyuff_brick 34 _ TSR

    white wood vertical pattern

    PS natural stone 5 pattern

    Competitors Delight(object) stadium

    Hat_equestrian surface 2(possibly more)

    sim c_all modernity striped pattern

    Salimana's improved english bridle o ring

    ayyuff brick pattern40_TSR

    PS_wood pattern

    Modern square tiles 1 pattern

    PS paramount? pattern II

    Asarina triangle window 27 degrees 2 tile 3

    chic tiles _ large square pattern

    ayyuff wood 04 pattern

    Ung999_pattern_wood 11(v)

    ayyuff wood pattern 25v_TSR

    PS deluxe stone 6 pattern

    SDA texture old brick - dirty pattern

    ayyuff marble o3 _TSR

    alnola fence b

    endless wenge (vertical) pattern

    ayyuff brick pattern 40 - TSR

    chic tiles - large square pattern

    viaduct simple arch(stand alone)

    simmiller_terrain_TTstones1barely there mortar

    wood pattern 011 by Icey xx

    BAS- Palle - 28012012

    PS modern bricks 8 pattern

    Travertine stone _ thin staggered tile pattern

    ayyuff crazy paving 03

    playful solid oak floor pattern

    ATs3_pattern_wood_rustic 02

    window country 1x1 floor high

    asarina full size window 1 tile

    ung999_pattern_rock_stone21 pattern

    PS carpet texture 111 pattern

    Alessandros double doors

    MB_rustic built c

    Grls jauntre slates with white trim

    suza_wood 09_simply styling pattern

    asarina window 3-tile

    shabby wall 3by granny zaza

    travertine stone_full tile pattern

    ayyuff brick pattern s3_TSR

    ayyuff wood pattern19v_TSR pattern


    ceiling beam 1x4

    just a carpet pattern

    DNZ column ceiling beam set vII

    wondymoon@TSR fence 1

    castle stones ps pattern

    equus TSc feed bag

    sarah build set fake door

    PS stone design 5 pattern

    ceiling beam 1x7

    white podiums fence


    wall flint kitchen texture pattern

    wondymoon@TSR garage door close

    wondymoon electronic wood gate

    cottage fake wall 6

    window sill for the old's kool window

  • Still working on this list, any help with these links is appreciated just trying to finish this list and hopefully the main things will be done.

  • Hey everyone, I'm writing to let you know my new husband and I built our own computer from the ground up, best parts we could find, our internet connection for our computer isn't up yet. Should be up Saturday so I can finally download everything on a powerful machine. Still looking for CC but I can't wait to play where I don't have to struggle as much with crashing.

    Thanks for your patience, I haven't forgotten about the Equus sites and all you awesome simmers!

  • I work today but I should have time to hopefully get my game running then download my CC folders. Please post new CC I'm missing out on, that should get me back faster I decided I'm not going to search for original wall paints, instead I'll replace it with new stone/wood wallpaper. Also, my graphics and my Windows changed so any help on Mods would be awesome!

  • Development Committee

    Katie, just use our CC database to find both new and old CC :

  • Thanks X-tina! :D

  • Okay I'm going to try this super patch and hope it works! I will now be playing on high settings after testing my computers capabilities, I should be able to run higher graphics on my ponies. If all goes well I should be changing my stuff as soon as tomorrow.

  • No luck this rate I will be stuck like this until they come out with Sims 4 horses...

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