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    The Oak family is selling its old propriety due to moving to a new location, more suitable for the increasing of the ranch'activity.

    The building is dated 1945 and was the first structure build by the familty, back in the times when it only had a small propriety, a small number of horses and few cattle to work.
    It consist in 14 stalls, a tack room, a feed room, a round pen and a small pasture.

    The stalls are 6x6, made of quality wood. They got maintenance regularly during the years - last one was done only couple years ago, so they are perfectly safe for the horses.

    Each stall has its own runoff as well. The doors that give access to it used to be always open, to let the horses getting in and out as it please them - we suggest you to do the same!
    The runoff are very spacious, you will find your horses outside very often. Our horses used to only stay inside when it was raining, but even after a long day spent working the cattle they loved to be outside.


    The stable has its own tack room and feed room too, large enough to host all the necessary for the 12 horses.

    And outside there is a roundpen and a small pasture.
    0_1492376668439_Screenshot-16.jpg .

    Lastly, a overview of the propriety.

    Interested in this lot?

    The starting bid is 15k; this aution ends 24 hours after the last offer. The minimal increase is 1k, the maximum increase 5k.
    The family wants the community to know some very simple rules to read before placing an offer.

    1. This barn was meant for a western stable, but anyone is welcome to bid for it
    2. Feel free to change any color, patter, material on the lot - everything is recolorable
    3. We suggest to not move/change/delete the beams and walls - engineers say it would compromize the structure's solidity **
    4. This structure is unique - don't use it as template for other stables
    5. Therefore it shouldn't be put for mass download
    6. If you no longer feel that this lot is your forever home, feel free to resell without notifications - we would just want to know who gets it, as we would like to keep track of it
    7. The family would really like to know your favourite stock horse breed with your first offer.

    ** this simply means that they are made using OMSP and CFE - change them only if you are able to put them back as it might get messy xD

  • Starting bid please!! Zephyr Ranch is in need of another barn to expand and I was dreading building one! This one will be a perfect addition!

    Our absolute favorite stock horse breed is the American Quarter Horse. American Paint Horses are our second followed closely by Appaloosas!

  • 16K!

    Ive been struggling to build a barn that makes me happy for a long time now and I'd love to use this one!

    favorite stock horse breed is by far Appaloosa :D

  • 17k
    Might give it a try, work lovely for my new foaling area. Sadly don't have the time to do any building. Dx
    American Quarter Horse

  • 20,000! -casually spends all money on things-

  • Increasing my bid to 25k

  • 30k ~

  • 35,000 please

  • $40,000k

  • $45,000k

  • $50,000 ~

  • Wow thank you all for the interest! All accepted so far!

  • $55,000k

  • increase $60,000

  • $65,000 ~

  • $70,000 please

  • $75,000 -

  • Wow guys xD accepted

  • Auction is over, congratulations to Cole for winning the lot :D

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