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  • Finnish Based Island World

    I have recently made a very smol world based off a Finnish Island that has a lot of water and will be uploading it later today so stay tuned! I just uploaded one pic of it for now but will dig out more :D
    It is smol with some lots for a small town and 6 lots for a small farm, it doesn't lag as far as I know. It is most definitely a play able world to as I have done routing and tested it etc.<-


    Do not claim you built it, I made it,
    Please ask for CAW files, You may edit it with the caw files but give me the credit for the world
    Do not upload for mass download
    If rules are broken I will delete my uploads for ever

    Know Issues

    • Rock terrian sound wasnt working so but I erased some paint underneath it and not it is so not really a issue anymore :)

    -> 0_1492452713458_15440325_748768455272352_445439322860117991_o.jpg


  • @Breanna-Fahnestock said in Kira's Customs:

    It looks good. Do you have anymore previews of it? Does it have CAW pastures etc. How many lots?

    Thanks, nope it has no caw pastures and not that many lots its a smol world XD Getting a sky veiw pic soon

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