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    Boutsikaris Stud was originally founded in 1949 by Philip Boutsikaris I in Amfipoli, Greece. World War II had decimated the local horse population and in an effort to rebuild and make Greece a serious competitor of equestrian sports in the Olympics, Philip began importing stock from Germany, Poland and even Russia. Many of these horses were purchased from breeders who could no longer operate due to the destruction the war caused. Philip fell in love with the Trakehner breed due to their intelligence and sensitivity. He began focusing an extensive breeding operation to rebuild the breed's numbers.

    Boutsikaris Stud continued to grow and prosper until in 1983 a barn fire engulfed the main stables and hay barn. At this point in the stud's history, Philip's youngest son Giannis was in control. Giannis used all of his savings and several loans to rebuild the lost buildings. The following year in 1984, Trakehner stallion Abdullah was an Olympic sensation for Team USA. His successes led to a worldwide demand for Trakehner horses and Boutsikaris Stud was one of the top producers in Europe. This popularity continued on to the year of 2011 when Giannis's oldest child, Selene took over when her father decided to retire.

    Under Selene, Boutsikaris Stud has continued to prosper. All of the facilities were rebuilt in 2013 to give Boutsikaris Stud a more modern and unique feel. More acreage was also purchased to add even more pastures and paddocks for the horses. Boutsikaris Stud has become a local fixture that offers a quiet and peaceful retreat for horse lovers to learn to ride and many locals have become employees and show team members. While Trakehners are the main focus of the breeding program, Boutsikaris Stud is home to many other breeds, including the first Marwaris imported to Greece.

    Our Horses

    Starting with some of the boys.
    Stallion Name : Breed : Discipline : Title :
    Antritt NC Trakehner Eventing State Champion
    Seychelles NC Holsteiner Eventing Regional Champion
    WD Valetti Dutch Warmblood Show Jumping State Champion
    Apoloniusz NC Arabian Endurance
    Aristotle NC Trakehner Eventing & Dressage Local Champion & Local Champion
    RL Rascalino di Napoli Hanoverian Eventing State Champion
    RDEC Univers Duch Warmblood Eventing State Champion
    And now some of the girls.
    Mare Name : Breed : Discipline : Title :
    Warrior Princess NC Trakehner Dressage State Champion
    Kamyrah NC Holsteiner Eventing Regional Champion
    RDEC Radmara Dutch Warmblood Dressage Regional Champion
    Emigracja NC Arabian Endurance
    Odessa NC Trakehner Eventing National Champion
    Qalypso L Danish Warmblood Eventing National Champion
    Leonessa E Duch Warmblood Show Jumping State Champion

  • Deciding to take advantage of the local ruins, ATLANTIS NC was given a mini photoshoot to show off...which is something he loves to do the most. Seeing him gallop across the same land that Alexander the Great trekked across during his historic campaign was magical. Atlantis is currently in transition from show jumping to eventing which should suit him much better.

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  • are we allowed to comment? if we can i'll keep this, if not i'll delete....

    but omg an antritt baby :kissing_closed_eyes:

    you also know how weak i am to xena babies, selene, i love atlantis ;(

    (also yes to ruins! your editing is amazing as usual)

  • @Siri-Kane you can totally comment! <3 i've been so lazy and just now decided to start a blog, lol!
    Oh Antritt, I love that old man! He's been with me since the very beginning.
    I had actually sold Atlantis a while ago! But he found his way back home and he'll be here to stay, lol. He's less chromey than his other siblings but, I actually love that about him.

  • Following a long eventing career, Boutsikaris Stud's flagship stallion ANTRITT NC will be retiring from competition following the results of the current eventing show. He'll also be retired from the breeding shed relatively soon so I have decided to auction off a breeding. While he didn't have the stellar career I'd hope for him, he still made me proud.

    Career Stats :
    107 points
    State Champion Title
    $10,240 in earnings.

    Happy retirement old man, you've earned it.

    alt text

  • :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: omggggggggggggg

  • Happy retirement! ^_____^

  • @Siri-Kane I knoooow! It was so hard to make the decision, but he has earned his retirement.

    @Luna-Andrews he'll be happy to do nothing but sleep and get fat off treats! lol! <3

  • The warmer temperatures have finally returned to Amphipolis, this means the horses are enjoying a longer turn out. There are three mares in particular who couldn't be happier! Dressage champions Veridia NC and Ambrosia NC along with their new companion Ptolemaida spent their first extended day galloping around their paddock while half sisters Ornellaia NC and Bella Rose NC watched on in the background.

    alt text

  • Ambrosia's coat is stunning! :heart_eyes:

  • @Addelle-Watson said in Boutsikaris Stud || girls, girls, girls:

    Ambrosia's coat is stunning! :heart_eyes:

    thank you! though I couldn't possibly take credit for it because it was part of a coat pack that I won several months ago. The creator's name escapes me at the moment.

  • sooo prettyyyy !

  • Those horses though :heart: :heart_eyes:

  • Those coats look so soft that they made me a huge need to come petting them <3

  • @Stacy-Michaelson <3

    @Luna-Andrews i'm pretty sure once you start petting Veridia, you'd have a friend for life....she loves her some attention, lol.

  • holy crap I haven't posted in a long time...woops

    an exciting announcement to make as Boutsikaris Stud's own ODESSA NC reached her International Champion title! I couldn't be more proud of this girl! It's been a long journey full of ups-and-downs but she did it. Odessa will be retiring from competition once she reaches 250pts, a well deserved retirement for an amazing mare. She still has plenty of spunk and personality, so much so, she forgot she was a Trakehner and pretended to be a rambunctious Arabian while playing in her paddock after dinner time.


    Another exciting horse is the STUNNING filly PERAMA NC! Named for the beautiful seaside city in Corfu, Greece, Sassy as she is known is the epitome of the Boutsikaris Stud breeding program. By our chestnut sabino stallion WHERE'S THE RUM NC and our of our flaxen chestnut sabino mare PROJECT ALICE NC, she is a prime eventing prospect. Sassy is in every bit of the sense, sassy. She is a total diva who demands to be the center of attention and let's you know when she is being "neglected". She's wicked smart and energetic with a great mind and a kind eye. Did I also mention, she's for sale?


  • Perama is to die for :D Congrats to Odessa though!

  • @Lidija-Rotherford she's amazing and takes my breath away.

  • @Selene-Boutsikaris said in Boutsikaris Stud || longtime no post:

    @Lidija-Rotherford she's amazing and takes my breath away.

    I am still odded out that you're selling her :P

  • @Lidija-Rotherford Lol! yeah, it isn't an easy decision, but I think it'll work out

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