World/Facility Auction [Ended]

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    Custom World and Facility Shell Auction

    I am selling a edited version of Moonlight Falls that I made to house my English Facilities. I got the shells of my facilities all laid out because I loath decorating the insides any more xD and mainly used the pastures to take pictures, and the facilities themselves for backdrop. The right person could make gorgeous facilities inside and out with these shells with some work though.

    Lots include:

    • Indoor Dressage arena with markers and outdoor warm up arena attached
    • A lot with a set of 4 she rows that has 5 stalls each
    • A larger stable building with plenty of room to add in 10 or more stalls and 3 pens/turnouts
    • A lot that was built to be a small vet lot with a few outside pens
    • A lot with two garage/storage buildings
    • Lots of pasture space

    There is a lot room to expand, and on the other side of the river some trails I added in for trail ride shots. I put a lot of work into this world but it just ended up being a little smaller than what I needed, and as sometimes when you work on something for so hard for so long you end up just hating it because of the work involved. I would love for this world to be used as it is a pretty thing. Most of the CC for the lots can be gathered and sent a long as well if wanted. Some essential cc will be included to make sure the world itself (pastures, flowers etc) show up properly. World Files can be included if needed .You do not need Moonlight Falls to install this world.


    • No Mass uploading
    • No claiming as your own work
    • Facilities can be changed to suit new owners needs
      See pretty simple really

    Just click on the pictures to see them in a bigger version

    alt text alt text alt text
    alt text alt text alt text
    alt text alt text alt text
    alt text alt text
    Starting Bid

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  • heavy breathing SB

  • Administrators

    :open_mouth: $30,000

  • $40,000 !!

  • OMG $50,000!

  • All bids accepted

  • $60,000 <3

  • $70,000!

  • $80,000 <3

  • $90,000 :)

  • $100,000 <3

  • Bids accepted

  • Auction has ended, Winner is Lana-Rea Collins! Congratulations!

    Everyone else keep a look out because I will have another world with facility shells up for auction sometime soon.

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