Pangare in Finnhorses

  • I'd like to see pangare modifier added to all Finnhorse strains.
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  • New horses added to the document! Thank you so much @Nea-Sterling for help! :blush:

    Also here is a small article on known Finnish horse breed website about pangare:

    Pangare-geeni on melko yleinen varsinkin alkuperäisroduilla kuten suomenhevosella, pohjoisruotsinhevosella, haflingerilla ja exmoorinponilla.

    This translates as: "Pangare gene is quite common especially in native breeds like Finnhorse, North Swedish Draft, Haflinger and Exmoor Pony." There is also a Finnhorse pictured as an example in the end of the page.

    Thank you so much for your time! I hope there is now enough evidence to get pangare accepted :slight_smile:

  • Approved! :)

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