Mainsite: special character error

  • Since a few weeks, there's an error with special characters on the mainsite. Many letters got replaced with a "?" over night and it doesn't matter which browers I'm using. I heard from other members that they have the same problem.


    Can this get fixed somehow? I know I can edit the horse names and replace the letters but this breaks all the pedigree links. Some horse breeds are also affected (can't change those by myself). I noticed there are even a few membernames with this problem.

  • Development Committee

    The main site isn't the only site having this issue, it's on TSR as well. It was asked on Slack and we were told it'll be fixed when Janelle has time to look at the coding.

  • Administrators

    This error has happened to all special characters so it is unlikely that a fix will return all instances of the error back to their original character. This is because it is impossible to know exactly what character it was to begin with.
    We suggest you correct it manually wherever you can, since you will know best what it was before :)

  • I have the seem problem with the "é"

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