[WINNERS 5/1] Spring Pintabian Raffle

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    Spring Pintabian Raffle

    As most of you have probably seen by now, I am working very hard to increase the popularity of the Pintabian breed on Equus. So, after spending a lot of time these past few months making imports for you guys, I've wound up with a handful of extras that I'd like to raffle off!

    All of these horses come with mainsite profiles, custom markings, and are all registered in endurance. You are more than welcome to change their discipline! The only things you cannot change are the names and gender (except to geld stallions.) Please do not edit their coats or conformation very much either, but you can tweak as you see necessary. There are no activity rules, use these horses however you like. You may send tickets for as many horses as you wish, but you can only win one! You may only apply for each horse once; multiple tickets for the same horse from the same member will be deleted. The winners will be chosen randomly.

    ART Rumare

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    Bay Dun Overo Stallion

    ART Llorona

    alt text
    Black Overo Mare

    ART Volans

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    Flaxen Red Dun Stallion

    ART Tokyo

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    Palomino Tobiano Mare

    ART Naaran

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    Rose Grey Splash Stallion

    ART Mirabel

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    Perlino Tobiano Mare

    Get your tickets here!


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    I had a few people concerned that there was no way to see what horses they had already submitted tickets for, so I've added a link to a public raw list :smile:

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    ART Rumare has been won by @Ellen-Carter!
    ART Llorona has been won by @Andrea-Burdine!
    ART Volans has been won by @Jasmine-Wilkinson!
    ART Tokyo has been won by @Jessie-Liles!
    ART Naaran has been won by @Mercedes-Hampton!
    ART Mirabel has been won by @Samantha-Jadirea!

    Congratulations to the winners! Files have been emailed to you and mainsite profiles have been transferred. Also a huge thank you to @Elsie-Spectre for building me a raffle engine just for this raffle, you're awesome momma :heart:

  • Thank you Nikki for your amazing horses! This was a lovely thing to do for us <3

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    flails around I wasn't expecting to win at all! <3 Thank you so much for hosting and promoting this breed <3

  • Oh jesus.. Thank you so much for this lovely Raffle, Nikki! <3 My dream came true :3

  • OMG! Thank you so much Nikki! :heart:

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