[OPEN] Ioke Lake | Breeding 2019 | BIY & Traditional

  • .terms and conditions

    pt. I - basic rules:
    • all horses must be registered and while i would love to see them active, it is not a requirement
    • i use realistic genetics in my breedings, and would ask you do the same :)
    • feel free to sell the horse without asking me, but i would love to know where they go. if you don't want the horse, please inform me. i may wish to buy it back!
    • i can (and will) reclaim the horse if any of the rules are broken
    • payment needs to reach me before any breedings take place
    traditional breeding {extras}
    • as i am sometimes busy in rl, i would ask a 1 week grace period on creating your foal
    • gender is random, though stallions may be gelded. coat colour is generated using a coat calculator, and then i randomize a variant if they have equal probability. if you would prefer a gender or colour, please let me know.
    • editing of the coat is permissible only under certain circumstances. please contact me and let me know if markings don't work etc and i'm sure it will be fine! shine and detail markings are permissible.
    • horses come with mane site profiles
    • the suffix of IK must not be deleted
    • all traditional breedings come with custom markings and i ask you not share them with anybody else :)
    • while registering, please put my ID as the creator (#4211)
    pt. III - BIY

    *you don't have to include my prefix, but can if you want

    • i would like to be informed of the mane site profile being created within 1 month
    • you can choose gender, and roll for genetics

  • This post is deleted!

  • You can PM or hit me up on Slack if you'd like to breed :)

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock Fixed! Sorry about that D:

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