[WIP] Ioke Lake | Breeding 2017 | BIY & Traditional

  • .terms and conditions

    pt. I - basic rules:
    • fees must be provided upfront
    • all horses must be registered
    • applicants must have membership to ES
    • I would prefer my horses to go to active show homes. i don't mind whether that's random or combined, as long as they are entered. it doesn't have to be every show, either, but i'd like to see them somewhat active, though if you don't want to be active, please make sure you update them in scrapbooks!
    • please contact me if you wish to register the horse as unrealistic before doing so
    • feel free to sell the horse without asking me, but i would love to know where they go. if you don't want the horse, please inform me. i may wish to buy it back!
    • i can (and will) reclaim the horse if any of the rules are broken
    traditional breeding {extras}
    • as i am sometimes busy in rl, i would ask a 1 week grace period on creating your foal
    • gender is random, though stallions may be gelded. coat colour is generated using a coat calculator, and then i randomize a variant if they have equal probability. if you would prefer a gender or colour, please let me know.
    • editing of the coat is permissable only under certain cirumstances. please contact me and let me know if markings don't work etc and i'm sure it will be fine! shine and detail markings are permissable.
    • horses come with mane site profiles
    • the suffix of ioke's must not be deleted
    • while registering, please put my ID as the creator (#4211)
    • you can choose the disciplines
    pt. III - BIY
    • i would like to see the adult conformation before the registering of the horse
    • the birth date should be the day you were accepted for
    • you may choose to add the ioke's prefix, but as you are creating, that's your choice
    • i would like to be informed of the mane site profile being created within 1 month
    • you can choose gender, and roll for genetics


    ioke lake has both traditional and biy (breed-it-yourself) services available for our studs. traditional service is where the mare is sent to ioke lake, the pair of horses are bred, and the foal and mare are returned to you. each stud has a certain amount of slots - and those slots may only be offered up once. biy services are when the stallion is sent to you, and the foal is bred at your stable before the stallion is returned. Bbiy is currently unlimited, though services can be closes/suspended on a particular stallion without notice. If you wish to apply, i would recommend doing so as soon as possible. stud fees are listed with the stallion.

    to apply please fill out the form below with the subject "stud service" and send it either here or on slack. horses offered are all registered realistically. if you are applying for our stud with one of our broodmares, you do not need to fill out a separate application for the mare.

    mare's profile link (preferably with picture):
    notes: here you can say why you want the breeding, plans for foal, etc.

    Double Decker
    black british warmblood
    double or nothing x decker (3/12)
    231 pts in show hunters, 153 pts in field hunter trials
    offspring receive +5 in sh, and +4 in fht
    3 slots only!

    sly ruse
    bay (Ee Aa nSty) trakehner
    mse starry night (t) x mse stranger than fiction (t) (3/14)
    213pts in eventing
    offspring receive +5 in eventing
    3 slots only!

    fantastic four
    bay (EE Aa) british warmblood
    155pts in eventing
    offspring receive +4 in eventing
    3 slots only!

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