♡ Wardruna the Fjord (+9 in dressage) – ENDED – owner announced

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    Name Age/Breed/Gender Color Pedigree Bonuses Title
    Wardruna 6 yo Fjord Mare Smoky Grullo WRNGS Isen I Sitt HjerteTind's Runa +9 in dressage Local Champion (46 pts)

    This is Wardruna and she is very special little mare – she happens to be the first ever not-a-Finnhorse that has been born in Ratsumäki! She is currently six years old (DOB 04/16) sporty Fjord mare and competes in dressage at third level. She currently holds Local Champion title but is only a few points away from Regional Champion. She has been mostly ridden by professional adult riders which has made her well behaving young horse and I'd say she is way ahead from other Fjords at her age with her skill level.

    When it comes to bloodlines, this girl is such a jewel. Her sire is one of the most known dressage horses in the whole community – WRNGS Isen I Sitt Hjerte. He is titled as International Champion in dressage and currently holds whooping 446 points in his main discipline. Her dam is our own Fjord mare Tind's Runa, who is also competing in dressage. She is currently titled as State Champion with 134 points and is still competing. Tind's Runa also took part to conformation show a year ago and was one of very few ponies to get titled from that show – as Exceptional Pony Mare. These bloodlines with Wardruna's own success in dressage arenas give her very nice bonus of +9.

    Wardruna truly has a big potential and is without a doubt one of the best Fjords in the whole community. And this is why I listed her here; I truly think she has so much to offer and would be amazing to:

    • someone who is as enthusiastic with Fjords as I am with Finnhorses. This mare would be amazing addition for any Fjord breeding program! (And if you're not yet Fjord enthusiastic/breeder, this is such a great opportunity to become one!)
    • a talented (junior) rider who is looking for phenomenal companion for dressage arenas
    • simply someone who would have more love and attention for her because a jewel like her would definitely deserve more than we can currently offer with our big Finnhorse herd

    I can easily keep competing with her in randomized shows myself, so I am looking for a person who can offer more than this. I do not have any activity requirements but I'd like to see her going to a home where she could get more special attention that she can have at our place. What kind of attention that is, is completely up to you and I'm not that strict about it so fear not to make an offer! :) But in case you're only after a new horse to add your collection to become slowly forgotten, you've opened a wrong sale thread.

    Wardruna will be sold only if the right home is found and I keep a right to cancel this sale at any reason I see fit. Right home matters much more than price offered, but I hope everyone understands that it wasn't the cheapest deal of the planet to breed with the Dressage Leaderboard #1 horse, so please make reasonable offers. I could also be up to some kind of leasing contract or any other ideas just to get Wardruna more active in case she will not be sold.

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    Special credit for @Bree-Asgard for helping me with her coat :heart_decoration:

  • If you're interested in this grey little mare, please send your application in today! <3

  • Aaaw you are selling her! :O Too bad! Hope she finds a lovely new owner <3

  • @Jasmin-Mikaelson said in ♡ Wardruna the Fjord (+9 in dressage) – ENDS April 23rd:

    Aaaw you are selling her! :O Too bad! Hope she finds a lovely new owner <3

    Yes, only because she is such a great pon and I think she'd deserve much, much more attention than what she can get at our place. She is adorable and will be sold only if the right home is found <3

  • The sale is now ended
    I will go through applications during this week and then let you know if the right home is found for Wardruna!
    Thanks everyone who applied <3

  • I'm happy to announce that every single application for Wardruna was so good and I could have happily sold her to any of you. Thank you so much for your interest! <3 This decision was so hard to make, but I think the home I finally chosen will be the best for this girl!
    Congratulations, @Malin-Støvreide <3

  • @Luna-Andrews OH MY GOD ARE U SERIOUS?? okay i have to chill hahahaha, but yeah thank you :heart: :heart_eyes:

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