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    3021 Pisgah Pike | Versailles, Kentucky |
    Website | Stable Records | [Stable Records](link url) | Simblr

    Cinnabar's Don Falcone WPW Beekeeper WPW Overture
    Grey Trakehner Grey Irish Draught Black Irish Draught
    alt text alt text alt text
    MSE Accidents Happen Avocadon't Wise Dan
    Bay Sabino German Sporthorse Grey Thoroughbred Chestnut Thoroughbred
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    Please not this is NOT our full roster, just out featured and/or new horses.

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    0_1498674975346_racing roster 2017.png

    Name Surface Points Title
    Wise Dan Turf 137 State Champion
    Hoodini Turf 0 None
    Runhappy Dirt 0 None
    Avocadon't Dirt 0 None
    Big Bad Burrito Synthetic 0 None


    Dressage Eventing Show Jumping
    WPW Beekeeper Cinnabar's Don Falcone Regis' Super Twist
    WPW Overture Cinnabar's Wolfgang Name
    MSE Accidents Happen Name Name
    Monachyle's Dance Away Name Name
    WP Casanova Name Name
    Name Name Name

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    These are some repeat pictures from our old album, but I'm so in love with these 2!
    Monachyle's Dance Away
    alt text
    Cinnabar's Wolfgang
    alt text

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE <3 Wolfgang, you sexy beast! :D

  • Love the layout of this Merc <3 Great job on Dance Away looks so velvety smooth

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    Thank you both!

    So, this was an entry that I finished today for the other forum, but since the pony is also registered and showing here, might as well share their entry!

    I'm sure some of you may recognize this pony from some years ago, she was owned and shown by Offaly. When I saw she was for sale, I flailed a little bit. This pony has been my favorite since the first time she was ever shown, and now I own her! How wild is that?!

    Anyway, here's Chipie des Grèzes and her tiny rider, Aspyn Huasen! They've entered the Warm-Up class for Christina's Kendall County Spring Horse Show! The pair will be showing in dressage together, along with just random shows here and there just to have fun!

    alt text

  • Chipie is so fat haha :grin: :hamburger:

    I love your logo btw!

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    I think I do recognize her now that you mention it! They look so cute together. Also I love Dance Away's facial marking and Wolfgang's coloring. His eyes are striking!

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    Meet Endo, our 16 year old blind Appaloosa gelding! He was created by Josie, or Offaly as many of you know her by. He will be joining my show team, trying his hooves at various things before finding something he loves. We're hoping he'll find a companion and take up low level Endurance. He may be blind, that hasn't stopped him yet!
    alt text
    Yep, you guessed it! This is Endo the Blind as a sim horse!

  • That's so beautiful!

  • Omg, he looks like real! Great work!

  • @Natalie-Sans said in Gates Performance Horse Center | Endo the Blind!:

    Omg, he looks like real! Great work!

    He totally does! You should share this with his real life owner, I bet she'd be so happy!

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    Thank you all!

    I may actually send Morgan a PM and show her sim Endo, see what she thinks of him <3

  • Your horses' coats are amazing. Can't wait to see more ! :heart_eyes:

  • What a creative idea to have a blind horsey. He looks gorgeous anyways <3 Cuddles to him!

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    Thank you! I'm slowly finding more time to actually go into my game for pictures, so I hope to be able to post more and more!

    There's Always Sunshine at the End

    <img src="Training">
    The sunny morning turned into a gloomy, rainy afternoon. Thunder off in the distance.
    Storms. One of Falcone's fears. Falcone had been at the farm for all of a week, growing fond of Octavia. She was his human, no one was going to change that. He didn't make a sound or move in the barn until she walked in every morning. He'd pear out of his stall, make a small nicker at her and toss his head gentle as she walked closer.

    "Come on Falcone, it's alright. A little rain never hurt anyway," Kennedy said, his tone made it clear he was getting nervous and agitated.
    "Ken, please. That's not helping any. Storms terrify him. It'll be fine," Octavia snapped, not meaning to.
    "Sorry. I just don't want to see you get tossed," Kennedy said, avoiding eye contact. <-

    For a split second, Falcone calmed and Octavia climbed down. She walked slowly to his face, sliding her hand along his neck, trying to comfort him the best she could.
    "It's okay boy. You know I won't let anything happen, please trust me." O said softly, keeping eye contact with the scared stallion.
    "O," Kennedy said very softly.
    In response, Octavia held her hand out to keep him quiet.
    "We've got this Falcone, we can get through this storm together. There's always sunshine at the end, remember?" Octavia kept her voice calm and soft.
    The stallion let out a sigh, starting to relax. He lipped at her fingers softly, as it to thank her for her kind words and soft voice. Octavia giggled quietly before grabbing the reins and climbing back up.

    (Pictured: Octavia Ryland with Cinnabar's Don Falcone, with Kennedy Landsford and MSE Accidents Happen in the background)

  • Oh haha. I was browsing random pictures on instagram when suddenly Endo appeared. As I was looking to the picture, I got a strong feeling I had seen him before but I couldn't remember where or why. Seeing him here in your album makes me realize it's from slack (?) haha, your Endo is a very nice remake of him :D

    Poor Falcone :( He's a handsome boy though!

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    @Merida-Dahmer said in GPHC | There's Always Sunshine at the End:

    Oh haha. I was browsing random pictures on instagram when suddenly Endo appeared. As I was looking to the picture, I got a strong feeling I had seen him before but I couldn't remember where or why. Seeing him here in your album makes me realize it's from slack (?) haha, your Endo is a very nice remake of him :D

    Poor Falcone :( He's a handsome boy though!

    Haha yes! I've shown Endo a few times on Slack! And by a few, I mean several hundred times at this point lmao Falcone is probably my favorite newbies I have tbh. I'm so thankful Cole let me horsenap him xD

    Plants Are Friends, Not Monsters

    alt text

    By evening, the storm cleared and the ground was dry. Falcone was calm once more and training resumed. No jumping today, just meeting those pesky plants that always seemed like monsters to most. But to Falcone, they were interesting, smelled a bit weird but harmless nonetheless. Octavia sat happily on his back, rubbing his neck as he eyed the plants curiously. The logs of the jumps seemed irrelevant to him; he'd seen logs before, why should he care if they've gotten taller?

    "Good boy, Falcone," Octavia quietly said, still stroking the stallion's neck. A soft snort was the only reply.
    "Ya know, you're really weird. You hate anything and anyone under normal circumstances, but you're so calm when it's just us. Do you trust me or are you hiding some tricks under your hooves?" Octavia giggled out.
    With a head toss and playful whinny, Falcone walked past the jump and started fro the barn,
    "I guess you want your dinner and a peppermint, huh?" Octavia only laughed some more. Of course, in Falcone style, another head toss and playful neigh in response.

    As the headed back to the barn for the night, a soft breeze floated through the trees. A reminder to both of them; they were in a safe place.

    (Pictured: Octavia Ryland with Cinnabar's Don Falcone)

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    Who doesn't love cute, fluffy devil ponies?!

    Meet two of my Shetland ponies, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Sir Sparkles!
    Fox is a 9 year old red roan gelding and Sparkles is a bay 8 year old gelding, both made by @Quinn-Monroe. We got Fox quite some time ago, but only recently in acquired Sparkles. The pair are the best of friends and do everything together, from eating and playing, to annoying every other horse on the property. Sparkles has a habit of standing under bigger horses and running through their legs, while Fox distracts them.

  • They are sugar <3 I have two shetlands too

  • Awww they are so cuuute!

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