I'm Still Alive!

  • Hello everyone,
    So it's been a while, huh? I haven't been too active recently so I just thought I'd check in and tell you all that I will return, but not until July. The reason being that I have exams rapidly approaching and they cause more stress than I can deal with right now but hey I keep marching forwards. I miss the site and all of those of you that I am close too. I look forward to making my return but exams and surviving them take the priority. Anyone who is not happy regarding there horses inactivity is welcome to buy them back, I am truly sorry for not being actively competing with them. See you all soon.
    Alisha Brearley

  • OMG nice to see you here again!!
    I am also stressed and on hiatus because of exams, I know how you feel...
    Can't wait to see return you in July <3

  • @Gwen-Parker
    Thanks Gwen. It'll be good to be back. I have missed it. This year has been a bitch for me academically and stressed me out more than I have been able to handle but I am now just looking forward to the time after exams. It's been a hell of a year. Glad to hear from you gwen, good luck with your exams :)

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