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  • @Bree-Asgard said in Katherine's Blog | Top "Muscles" | 01 March:

    Pretty horses! Love how the color of the saddlepads match to the horses coats. : )

    Thats funny because I just choose them randomly haha but thanks for nice words ;)

  • Our entry for Silver Berry's Jumping Extravaganza! Challenge :)
    Pss Alfie & Me // Grand Prix // Edited //
    And also a new member of our crew :) Beautiful stallion by GHEC Lequero x Pss Latifa
    Let me introduce u Pss Lune de Miel, grey min sabino, 4yo, 2nd gen, hanoverian SJ stallion

  • Love that Grand Prix picture, beautifully edited :)

  • Let me introduce u my proud <3 Pss Tequilla , 4yo, chestnut tobiano KWPN mare by PCRA Hercules (PCRA Moonshadow x PCRA Hello Annie) and out of Pss Ridley , in total she recives + 7 points in Eventing :dark_sunglasses:
    Here she is before our session without stirrups for better balance excercise

  • Beautiful horses!
    Also, where did you get those full arm tattoos? I can't seem to find any.

  • @Addelle-Watson Thank u :) Tattoos are as accessory and I found them in google while I was searching for tattoo accessory :P they were call geometric tattoos or something like that

  • oh wooow beautiful horses

  • Your horses are all so beautiful, and I love the style of your pictures :)

  • so many pretty horsies !! :heart: :heart_eyes:

  • I'm a sucker for tobianos of any kind, I love Pss Tequilla!

  • such a beauty, WOW :heart_eyes:

  • He looks so handsome.(Also I am a fan of his name :see_no_evil: )

  • Hi :wave:
    I'm still alive and I'm trying to get back to our equus community. I've got some photos for u from our latest training.
    First of all our beautiful Outcast, he is going soon on retirement, he got 220 points in dressage and we think that is the best time to give him long term rest :peace:


    Next one is one of our best prospects, he hasn't been her for such a long time ( sorry @Lidija-Rotherford ). RFE Incanto our 5yo IDH out of RFE Kiss and Tell (STE Maleficent x WFS King) and RFE Incandescente (AC/RFE Truth is Beauty). He is really impressing us with his ambitious and his leg action :poultry_leg:


    Let me know what u think about this update :)

    alt text

  • glad to see you back, Kate ! i love your new signature, it's lovely! and so are the pics C:

  • Glad to see you're using the logo!

    Incanto looks a lot like his dad!

  • Some headshoots from our site

    0_1508685280346_Pss Arendelle.jpg 0_1508685303549_Pss Cincinnati's Treasure.jpg
    0_1508685396465_Pss Latifa.jpg 0_1508685487991_Pss Malboro.jpg
    0_1508685508120_Pss Mary Me.jpg 0_1508685561888_Pss Oprah the Quuen.jpg
    0_1508685579531_Pss Rheinhart.jpg 0_1508685614714_Pss Tequilla.jpg
    0_1508685657642_Pss Velvet Jack.jpg 0_1508685686985_GHEC Lequero.jpg
    0_1508685733456_RFE Incanto.jpg 0_1508685742187_Sahra Pasharah.jpg
    0_1508685799921_VPE Zireael.jpg

  • The first snow arrived at our resort just around 12 pm. Immediately after waking up, me and one of our employees, named Jensen, took our youngsters for a ride. Jensen chose Charismatiq ZI, our young prospering dressage mare from @Zahid-Sadir . Instead, I took Rheinhart without thinking.
    We went to the lake, everything would be fine if not for the strange behavior of Charisma. When we set off for a gallop, a pack of deer escaped from the bushes, which scared the mare. Charisma started to kick, and Jensen was doing fine until he got the snowball from Rheinheart hoof. The poor man lost his balance and went straight to the pole.
    I stopped my horse immediately, Charisma ran right to Rheinheart, and I could easily check on Jensen. Thank God he were living, I was worried about his left hand and the fact that he might have a concussion. After a moment of breath he got up and got back on his horse. We came back home with a walk, we put away the horses and I gave him a forced vacancy and told him to go back to the room. I went home, changed my clothes and went to look at him.
    He was sitting at the table and held his head. I made him tea, and I sat down next to him. I was watching him for the rest of a day, somehow I couldn't go away from him ... I never spent so much time with him we were talking, laughing. I thought that he is not that bad as the rest of crew was talking : shy, closed. Thats wierdoo, maybe because of falling from a horse, he change or maybe something else or someone :panda_face:

  • great story

  • A fun walk in the woods :sweat_smile: Well, that all ended well. Charismatic give hot! :fire:

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