[Auction Close]Lakewood Ranch Spring's Auction 2017

  • The LAKEWOOD RANCH presents Shade Of Diamond

    Auctions rules:

    • Activ in shows and your scrapbook.
    • Minimal changes max are to be made (shine markings, manes & tails types etc)
    • Coat and markings are not to be reused, they are unique and for him only.
    • You are free to sell him, but please let me know so I can keep track of where he goes.
    • Not Autobuy
    • please add APH in your request

    Good Auctions :)

    First springs auction in ranch. we are present toyou our mare.

    0_1492960520668_Sans titre 3.png

    Image CAS
    0_1492960837779_shade CAS.png


    text alternatif


  • The auctions is : OPEN

  • not interessed ?

  • nothing ?

  • Tempted. But my facilities aren't done yet.

  • SB. I can't resist.

  • Accepted :)

  • few hours :)

  • CONGRATULATION Addelle you win the auctions i have send a pm

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