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    Welcome! My name is Callie Madigan and along with my husband, James, we are the owners of Madigan Equestrian.
    Unlike many people here, I am not a equestrian professional but an ambitious amateur working towards earning enough money to become a professional. I will hopefully try to post here periodically so that I can keep you updated on what's going on here plus I should be getting a separate blog ready for more in-depth story telling.

    Just for those interested, I don't know if you remember me at all or not, but on 2.0 I used to be Bella-Rose Taylor who owned Silver Gate Stud.

  • Horses
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    This is MZ Bamboozle or Bam Bam. He's a seven year old gypsy cob gelding who we bought as a five year old. This is a photo of him when we first brought him and as you can see his owners saved his beautiful mane and feathers. Luckily they've grown back!

    Next we have is MZ Tinkerbell or Tinks as she's know around the barn. She's a five year old Anglo-Arabian that we bred ourselves. Sadly her Thoroughbred mother passed away last year. James is hoping to start competing her this year in Eventing.

    0_1492987853505_matchy matchy sims.png
    And finally you have James and I. And yes, we are both wearing the same outfit. We're one of those couples.

    alt text
    Bonus Bam Bam picture, just because I love how cute his ears are. (Excuse bad editing)

  • Decided to play around with Reshade and the Depth of Field options and came away with these two pictures which I actually quite like. Both are unedited and cropped only and the model is the wonderful MZ Tinkerbell. Any info on how to reduce the blur a little in the background would be great.

    0_1493242401963_playing with dof 2.png

    0_1493242419523_playing with dof1.png

  • I love that head shot! Such a beautiful horse.

  • are you using reshade 2.0 or 3.0? both have settings you can adjust but in different places

  • @Cat-Shepherd Reshade 3.0 and thank you @Addelle-Watson it took me ages to get her head looking like I wanted and I'm still not 100% sure.

  • We decided to take our horses over to the local cross country course down the road and had some fun. Tinks was pretty excited and even Bam Bam was a bit more forwards than usual.

    0_1493850492309_Tinks jumping.png
    Tinks did a bit of a flyer over this fence but managed to sort herself out enough to go over the second and luckily James is pretty good at going with her when she goes early.

    0_1493850696329_bam jumping.png
    Even Bam Bam had a go at a few of the smaller fences. I'm not much of a jumper but I did enjoy the day out even if I did brick it a bit over a few of the fences.

    Sorry for awful editing, I'm still getting the hang of GIMP.

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    Ever since I was a little girl, I've always wanted the equestrian dream. The talented horses, the winnings, the fame. However, I've always found the talented horses to be difficult and in some cases, just not worth the effort and pain that it takes to produce them. My husband, James, disagrees but that's a whole different matter. So, imagine my surprise when at a local horse show, I get approached by a breeder of unusual warmbloods. Of course, I'm always up for looking at some horses so agreed to see them.
    And surprise, surprise, we came home with one. We both saw her, this huge Wielkopolski mare prancing around the field, her head in the air and her tail over her back. She was breathtaking and cheap! Well, it was safe to say we bought her on the spot and its only when we brought her back that it finally set in. I'd bought a huge moving, sensitive horse that I have no idea how to ride! So It's going to be a bit of learning curve for both of us. Oh, did I mention that she's unbacked?

    0_1494280242073_Mushroom Long rein.png
    Meet MZ Mushroom, a four year old buckskin Wielkopolski mare. She's sensitive, forward going and very cheeky. Here you can see I've already started long reining her. Her breeder has done some groundwork, so it shouldn't be long before she's backed. Luckily she seems to be pretty sensible when working. Hopefully this will transfer from the ground to the rider.

    0_1494280376807_trying to catch mushroom.png
    Unfortunately, she's horrible to catch, which I only found out after I let her have a roll in the area after she finished her work. Sigh

  • I love how she is prancing around like "silly human! Can't catch meee!"

  • Uh-oh, best of luck!

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