[CLOSED] Westen Manor's Criollo Auction!

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    Hello! Welcome to Westen Manor's Criollo auction thing! I absolutely love these stocky baroque horses, and I haven't seen very many around the community, so I figured I would change that! Criollos are primarily seen ridden western, but can practice many other disciplines. If you have interest in jumping or dressage, they can be a good partner to start competitions as long as you don't ask them to jump 4'5 or have the extended trot of a KWPN. In other words, if you like to "try everything", a Criollo might be for you!
    Stole the idea of little sale frames from Cole, I liked them >3>


    ➤ Do not change gender, coat or conformation (aside from gelding) without permission.
    ➤ HD/Shine/Shade/Clips/etc may be changed at any time, along with manes and tails.
    ➤ Do not mass distribute or share the horse or markings with others, please! I made them for you, not everyone.
    ➤ Please do not use the horse or coat as a template for other horses.
    ➤ Keep my Prefix (Westen's) and do not add your own prefix or suffix
    ➤ Horses must be kept active. If you become inactive for onr ES year (4irl months) without notice, I will reclaim the horse!
    ➤ Notify me if you want to sell the horse, I may want it back.
    ➤ Horses must be registered realistically
    ➤ Add your favorite food to the starting bid so I know you read the rules


    MIN INCREASE - 1,000$

    unedited photos will be added next to the horses's names at the bottom table.
    Edit: All of the horse's white markings are custom fullbodies I made, so no need to worry about CC finding!


    Horse Name Current High Bid & Expiry Time
    Westen's Maserati Unedited Flora Healy - Expires 8:42PM EST 4/24/17
    Westen's Forget Me Not Unedited N/A
    Westen's Hot Spot Unedited Samantha Jadirea - Expires 10:16AM EST 4/25/17
    Westen's Dead Drop Unedited Jessi Dean - Expires 3:26PM 4/25/17
    Westen's Last Stand Unedited N/A
    Westen's Maradona Unedited N/A

  • Development Committee

    Westen's Maserati - SB

    Nearly all asian food

  • approved, bid added~

  • Westen's Hot Spot - SB

    Drunken Noodles

  • sits on hands ahh I really want to bid on Maradona

  • approved, bid added~

    and @Remi-Clarke shhhhhhhhh you need.

  • Starting Bid - Westen's Dead Drop
    Yorkshire Puddings

  • Approved- bid added

  • Alright! The 3 that did get bids, go to @Fiora-Healy @Samantha-Jadirea and @Jessi-Dean . Please send payment and preferred contact email (since ES message system bugs out for me sometimes) and I'll send your horses right over!

    Since the 3 mares got no interest I'm just gonna close them out and probably re-sell them later or use them myself :'D

  • Thank you Cat :) I've sent payment and my email is in the description. I'm also on Slack if you prefer.

    It's a shame you got no offers on the others, they are beautiful horses. Would you consider a private sale of one of them? I might be interested.

  • @Samantha-Jadirea Got it! Sending you a message on Slack since I have that open XD

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