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    • I take $100/discipline point in stud fee.
    • Don't use my suffix (L) in the offspring's name and I would prefer if the foals name starts with the same letter as the sire's name.
    • We only accept mares registered with Equus Community.

  • Contact me either here or on Slack if you wanna use any of them <3

  • This post is deleted!

  • an extra just in case

  • I've always been a fan of your NSD.. So tempted 😂

  • Gorgeous horses! I'm really excited to see what foals the swedish drafts have (:

  • It's now open, I've created a form for the ones that might be interested in one of the boys and please only use that one to show interest in one of the stallions :slight_smile: You are of course allowed to comment in this thread etc. but I will only consider the ones that are applying through the form.

    I'll replace a stallion as soon as all his slots are taken if I have one that is ready to be up for stud.

    Whoops, I forgot to add the stud fee for them. I've done that now and I'll update it for every time they earn more points :slight_smile:

  • I have to close this for a little while until I've managed to catch up on the requests that I've received so far. I'll open it again soon and replace May Day who has used up all his slots with another of our eventing stallions :slight_smile:

  • The service is now open again and I've added a new stallion and edit their points and stud fee's :slight_smile:

  • Hey guys! I just wanted to announce that I only offer BIY at the moment due to the lack of time. I'll fulfill the request for those who have sent in for traditional to this point but from now on there's only gonna be BIY.

  • Updated the points and the stud fee.

  • Only 1 slot left for Woodford's Daquini, he will be retired from breeding once that slot is taken!

  • Daquini's last slot has been taken, he will be removed once he has been sent to the mare's owner.

  • oh Rushmore 😍

  • @Selene-Boutsikaris He has recently gone through a makeover so his picture will be updated soon :slight_smile:

  • Highcruiser has 1 slot left, he will be retired from breeding once that slot has been taken (:

  • Highcruiser has been removed due to all his slots being taken, added a new stallion :slight_smile:

  • A new rule from today, from now on I'll not send our stallions files to you. It's just for safety's sake :slight_smile:

  • This is open again :slight_smile:

  • Fantastic horses yet again, but i'm not surprised, yours always are! I'm delighted to see Seafarer here, He was a breeding out of my mare Valaquenta and I owned him for a while, I can't wait to have great-grandkids :laughing: (rushmore though :ok_hand: )

  • @Eowyn-Vance Thank you :slight_smile:

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