[OPEN] Lindens Studs | BIY

  • Only one slot left for Rushmore before he will be retired from breeding and gelded :slight_smile:

  • There's only Seafarer and Xtreme left up for stud, for now. New stallions will be added in the future :slight_smile:

  • Only two slots left with FDS Xtreme :slight_smile:

  • And new stallions added :thumbsup:

  • Banned

    Ahhh, help. Amadelio is so beautiful, I need to resist! D:

  • Small bump, still open :slight_smile:

  • Bumping up this old thread! We have some new handsome studs available for breeding in different disciplines and colors. I've made a simple spreadsheet with everyone available for now but more will be added eventually :slight_smile: Take a look here

    Contact me either here on the forum or on Slack if you're interested in using any of the boys <3

  • I've also added some mares that you can borrow for a breeding if you don't have a suitable one yourself :slight_smile: They can either be used with my stallions that's up for stud or you can use the mare with one of your stallions or someone elses. Please check the info tab in the sheet regarding the fees for this <3

  • New stallion added in the sheet :slight_smile: Link

  • Bumping up, still lots of slots left with several horses, some new has been added as well :slight_smile: Link to the spreadsheet

  • Bumping up again :slight_smile:

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