[MH][R:L9][RESULTS 4/28] Dressage

  • Competition Committee

    Golden Orchard Dressage Classic VI
    04.25-04.27.2017 11:59 PM EST
    Judged by Leah Harrington


    • All entry fees must be paid in full to the Leah Harrington account on the main site for your entry to be processed.
    • The system does not accept punctuation in payments at this time. If you put, for example, $50.00 when you send payment, you will be sending $5,000! Just type in $50 with no decimal places. Please pay once for your entire entry, not per horse!
    • Payments must be made by the same member who entered the horse.
    • Horses may not be cross-entered in different levels at the same show.
    • Riders may compete up to two horses in each class.
    • Horses must be registered with the appropriate discipline to be eligible to compete.
    • Member can enter up to 5 horses per level with 45 horses total.
    • If there are more than 14 participants in one class, it will be split. Classes with fewer than 10 participants will have phantom horses added to meet the minimum requirement.
    • Go to the DRESSAGE Leaderboard to check your horse's current level. Horses may enter below their level but those entered above will be disqualified and entry fee confiscated.
    • Error change requests/discipline declarations are not guaranteed to be completed by end of show, especially those submitted on its final day.
    • Undeclared horses will be disqualified and entry fee confiscated.
    • Duplicate entries will result in a DQ and will not be refunded. If the same horse is entered by multiple members, only first entry is taken into account and any following entries will be disqualified.

    Classes & Fees

    • INTRODUCTORY (1): $75 entry fee
    • TRAINING (2): $150 entry fee
    • FIRST LEVEL (3): $225 entry fee
    • SECOND LEVEL (4): $300 entry fee
    • THIRD LEVEL (5): $375 entry fee
    • FOURTH LEVEL (6): $450 entry fee
    • PRIX ST. GEORGES (7): $525 entry fee
    • INTERMEDIARE I (8): $600 entry fee
    • INTERMEDIARE II (9): $675 entry fee

    Entry Card


    Questions, comments, and entry corrections should be posted as replies to this thread.

  • Syndicate KN's entry says "incorrect ID or name change", however I double checked his info and all seems to be correct.

  • Entered one too many in Level 3. Could you remove SB Leuleut al Fyudi (12665) please?

  • I made a mistake spelling (13483) Rohirirm's Iced Tea's name, could you fix it? :slight_smile:

  • I misspell RFE Incant , correct version is RFE Incanto ID#24318
    and same for Farucco II de Carttago, correct is Farucco II de Cartago ID#18772 could u fix it ?

  • Competition Committee

    @Farrah-Lockwood @Breanna-Fahnestock @Zinnia-Arvi @Katherine-Star-Ackles
    All fixed and taken care of ;)

  • I'm not sure why NA Dibbani is showing up as Incorrect ID / name change? because when I look her up using the Horse Lookup Tool she comes up with that ID number and with the correct spelling....

  • The name and the ID of HSEC Enormous Pleasure are perfect, but appear error

  • Competition Committee

    @Breanna-Fahnestock @Borja-Domecq
    Both horses had spaces at the end of their names. That's just enough to have it come up as an Incorrect ID/Name Change. I fixed both ;)

  • Accidentally entered SB Leuleut al Fyudi by accident in my latest lot of entries. Could this be removed? Thank you! <3

  • WDKH Fly With Me should have ID 24134 instead of 24314
    Also, LSS Leonardo da Vinci's name is misspelt. It should me LSS Leonardo da Vincian (the form to change his name on the Show History has been sent today, so in case he would pop up as incorrect again, please change it back to Leonardo da Vinci :) )
    Thank you dear <3

  • :face_palm: I started entering my Eventing horses in this show before realizing... Disregard those four entries, I'll re-enter with my dressage ones later in the day so I don't get confused again :joy:

  • ID 19165 Atrevida X del Sicomoro entry is correct, yet showing up as incorrect ID/name change. Can you correct it please? Thanks <3

  • ID # 28347 Monachyle's Vyerni Reve says incorrect ID/Name change, she has recently got a name change from Vyerni Reve of Honiley to Monachyle's Vyerni Reve. If it doesn't get changed in the leaderboard/show history before the show ends can you change her name to Vyerni Reve of Honiley in my entry so she doesn't get DQ ? (:

  • Competition Committee

    Would you please take a look at RAHS Eyewitness? It's saying he is undeclared, but I'm not sure what went wrong. Thanks!

  • Competition Committee

    @Alex-Richards @Luke-Teth Taken care of!

    @Kia-Williams Fixed and thank you for letting me know. I'll make sure I keep an eye out for it if it changes. <3

    @Marina-Davia There was a space at the end of the name. I went ahead and fixed it.

    @Annie-Emerson It looks as though the change went through. The name now listed for her is Monachyle's Le Vyerni Reve :slight_smile:

    @Heather-Tann RAHS Eyewitness had the wrong ID number, so I went ahead and fixed it ;)

  • 19735 KPE Mompellion should be in 3rd level not 4th please xx

  • THE Schezuan Sauce (28801) Is coming up as incorrect name, I think I might have spelled it wrong in my show sheet :joy:

  • Administrators

    #21829 Hollow's Eclissi should be level 2 for this show.

  • Hey there! I've accidentally sent in fees for this show twice, could I please have the second payment returned? :)

  • Competition Committee

    @Neeve-Kalford @Luke-Teth @Blake-Bellanaris Fixed ;)

    @Chelsea-Montgomery Thank you for letting me know! I'll make sure I get it sent back to you <3

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