[ENDED] Titled Dressage & Showjumping Mares With Bonus Points

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    ✽ Gender (unless gelding), coat and conformation may not be changed under any circumstances, unless you have contacted me.
    ✽ HD markings, clips, and other shine markings can be added. Mane and tail style can be changed also however not colour.
    ✽ Do NOT upload the horse to any mass download sites! Should you be found doing this, you will be banned from any future services.
    ✽ The coat and conformation are not to be used as a base for any other horses or for templates.
    ✽ The show name may NOT be changed. Stable names may be altered.
    ✽The KPE prefix must not be removed.
    ✽ These horses must go to active show homes. They must be competing in all R shows where possible.
    ✽ If you become inactive within the community for 1 ES year (4 RL month's of no posting on the forum) the horse will be reclaimed.
    ✽ Should you decide to sell the horse in the future, please notify me first.
    ✽ Add in this symbol ✽ into your first bid.
    ✽ We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any sale for any reason we see fit.
    ✽ Minimum bid increase $1000

    KPE Caratina
    KPE Cassiago x KPE Dear Dineke
    Breed-Swedish Warmblood
    Gender- Mare
    Points- 49 (SJ)
    Titles- Local (soon Regional)
    Height- 16.2hh
    Colour- Grey (Ee aa Gg)
    Pedigree bonus- 6pts (Showjumping)
    Starting bid - $30,000
    KPE Caratina is a lovely homebred jumping mare by our stallion KPE Cassiago and out of our mare KPE Dineke (both still active competitors). She is a lovely sweet mare and a pleasure to own. She is very low maintenance and a very comfortable ride. She is eager to please and always gives her rider 110%. She has fabulous technique over fences and a great length of stride which makes up for her slight lack of speed. She is a very genuine girl who deserves a fantastic competition home! We will be sad to see this lady go.
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    KPE Matine
    Gender- Mare
    Points- 26 (Dressage)
    Titles- Local
    Height- 16.2hh
    Colour- Grey (EE aa Gg)
    Pedigree bonus- 1pts (Dressage)
    Starting bid - $20,000
    KPE Matine is our dancing lady, she simply floats. She is by the famous dressage stallion silvermoon and has definitely taken after him with her looks and movement. She is out of a Matador II mare and seems to have inherited her fiery spirit and attitude. From the moment Matine was born, she was special. She was born with an incredible amount of talent already packed into her tiny body. Even as a foal Matine moved like nothing else i had ever seen. Her trot was so elevated she seemed hardly to touch the ground. Now as a six year old Matine has only gotten better. Her knee and hock action is outstanding with natural ability for collection and extensions to die for. Her canter is incredibly balanced for her age and is extremely uphill. She is incredibly loose through the back in all her paces including walk and is a fast learner. With great talent however, also often comes the attitude to go with it. Matine is a princess through and through and can be quite a handful at times. With so much talent and power, she often misdirects this making her quite opinionated and sassy. When Matine doesnt want to do something she will let you know and can be quite 'mareish'. Despite her quirks Matine is one talented dressage horse and is going to wow the dressage world in her new home.
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    Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

  • KPE Caratina - SB

  • Caratina will end in 6 hours : )

  • PR Committee

    KPE Matine - SB

    Couldn't resist. :heart:

  • Caratina has been sold to @Maria-Jones please send payment and where you would like me to send her file in the description box xx

  • Matine has been sold to @Andrea-Burdine please send payment and where you would like me to send her file in the description box xx

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